Meet Kevin

Kevin McConville, a lifelong resident of Putnam County, has over thirty years of law enforcement experience, having worked for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Police Department, culminating with the rank of Chief of the Department.

During his tenure as Chief, Kevin created the Interagency Counter Terrorism Team to address Terroism, working with the FBI and members of the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) to ensure the safety of commuters, including those using MetroNorth. Additionally, Kevin served as a member of the Governor’s Homeland Security Team and developed and implemented plans and strategies to prevent bombings on commuter rail systems, like the ones in London and Madrid.

Kevin was in New York City and experienced firsthand the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001 assisting in the NTAPD response to the terrorist acts and developing strategies and deployment plans to maintain safety and security for the commuting public.

More recently, Kevin served as the Director of Security and Emergency Management Services for NewYork Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital.

Kevin earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marist College, where he currently serves as a consultant to the Criminal Justice Curriculum Advisory Board. Kevin and his wife Janice have three children and two grandchildren, all of whom live in Putnam County.